Sewage sludge valorisation


How it works

aqualia will demonstrate an innovative start-to-end valorisation process in Toledo, Spain. The sludge will first be subjected to pretreatment and anaerobic bioconversion. 

CO2 contained in biogas will be upgraded via bioelectrochemical treatment into alcohol and organic acids: high value chemicals for industrial purposes.

In parallel, a pilot in the Netherlands coordinated by Wetsus will valorise surplus sewage sludge. Pretreatment is followed by a fermentation phase. Green solvents will be used to extract PHA biopolymers.

ITENE will test how they can be processed into bioplastics and biomaterials for packaging.

Latest updates

“From WWTP to biofactories” – how wastewater treatment is changing

Aqualia is Europe’s fourth largest private water company in terms of population served and ranks amongst the top ten worldwide. The company is constantly striving to develop and implement ecological and economic efficient technologies, processes and strategies to reduce the consumption of resources and energy. We spoke to Victor Monsalvo, Head of the Eco-efficiency Area […]

Wetsus present at Frontiers of European Research: from biodegradable waste to novel materials // 11 December 2019, Rome

Wetsus presented SCALIBUR at ‘Frontiers of European Research: from biodegradable waste to novel materials’, the final meeting of the RESURBIS project, on 11 December in Rome.  The event brought together the leading organisation and projects dedicated to biowaste valorisation. 

Find Aqualia at IBBK – International Conference Biomethane Mobility /// 15-17 October, Schwäbisch Hall

Thanks to modern, state of the art upgrading processes, numerous biogas plants feed their biogas directly into the natural gas grid after removing impurities and upgrading it to natural gas quality already today. In some cases, biomethane is even sold directly “from the farm” in small CNG filling stations. This proves: natural gas vehicles can run on […]


To find out more about SCALIBUR’s work on sewage sludge valorisation please contact:

Ledicia Pereira Gomez, aqualia