In the EU over 100 million tonnes of biowaste are thrown away each year. Currently 75% of this goes to landfill or is incinerated, causing major environmental problems: biowaste produces greenhouse gases when it decomposes and contaminates soil and groundwater. Landfilling of biowaste goes against the principle of a circular economy and is a waste of nutrients, energy and potential resources for biobased products.


In the SCALIBUR project, leading waste management companies, technology developers and research organisations have teamed up with four European cities to demonstrate innovative solutions to transform urban biowaste into high value-added products, helping cities to increase their recycling rate and creating new circular economy business opportunities.

SCALIBUR will help to reduce the environmental impact of waste and generate new work opportunities for Europe
- César Aliaga, ITENE
It’s the future, its circular and its cool
- Federico Fontana, Kour Energy
Bio-based products will help to subsitute products that now come from the petrochemical industry
- Inés del Campo, CENER
A great chance to empower citizens and all actors along the biowaste value chain
- Carina Diedrich, CSCP
An example of the circular economy which can be inspiring for cities and regions
- Pieter de Jong, WETSUS
Helping companies make business out of the circular economy
- Arjan de Bruin, Van der Meer & van Tilburg

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