Retail food waste valorisation


How it works

UNIMORE and Kour Energy will use insect rearing to convert kitchen and restaurant scraps into a rich biomass, which is converted into products via extraction and fractionation.

The resulting protein, lipids and chitin will be validated for food and feed applications by Nutrition Sciences and Zetadec.

ITENE will also test the use of chitin for the production of reinforcement bioplastics and biomaterials for food packaging.


Latest updates

Novel packaging tackles food waste… with food waste

The most recent estimates of European food waste levels reveal that 70% of EU food waste arises in the household, food service and retail sectors. Imagine a world where the expired or leftover food in your household, is transformed to extend the shelf life of those very same products… Thanks to an innovative industrial process […]

Finding solutions for Europe’s protein problem

The market for plant-based proteins is booming. But at present the EU imports 80% of all protein crops, and that figure is still rising. Alternative sources of protein, which are more sustainable and can be produced locally, are therefore desperately needed to wipe out this deficit.  Fortunately, EU researchers and companies are busy finding creative solutions […]

Can new technologies help Europe get a taste for insects?

Insects as food and feed are considered a promising solution to food system stresses caused by environmental pressures, population growth and increasing demand for protein. But even though insects are consumed by at least 2 billion people, most Europeans turn their noses up at the idea. This might be about to change however. Experts predict […]


To find out more about SCALIBUR’s work on valorisation of retail food waste via insect rearing please contact:

Andrea Antonelli, UNIMORE